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CCIT has been working in the field of IT education and training for more than two decades. With the continuous efforts of teem driven workforce and high degree of professionalism, this institution has achieved many unique distinctions. The prime objective of CCIT is to generate competent human resources in IT field and deploy them on gainful employment or techno’preneurship (technology based entrepreneurship).

Over the years, our experience and exercise has enables us to design various training programs in information technology according in the latest demand. CCIT’s role is to design and update various training programs, recommend necessary guidelines for affiliated training institutes, help in implementing IT training programs, conduct examinations, assist the students for career planning and securing career in IT field.

At CCIT, we thrive for the best and so do our students. People enter as novice and leave as experts. Such professional achievements require long hours of disciplined and diligent work and that’s what the faculty and the students of CCIT passes, not as acquired skill but as an instinct, with state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance, only sky is the limit for us.

You touch the ocean of learning, the CCIT and you transcend time; Dive into it and you glow with the eternal light of success.


Mission Statement

We are an institution thriving for excellence, striving for high standards and positions of leadership in area of Information Technology, education & training. We are committed for providing quality and value to our customers. We strive to achieve, through productive operations, prosperity for our stake holders and contribute to society and our nation. To do so through an organization, committed to fair and ethical practices, with a working environment that nurtures a sense of belonging, encourages entrepreneurship and spirit of contribution amongst our people and empower them to give their best.

Quality Policy

“To generate competent and professional human resources in Information Technology Industry through constant up-gradation in skills, styles and systems in keeping with the yardstick of excellence, reliability and quality”

Year of Establishment

CCIT was established in January 1993.

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