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About Web Designing

A website designer is often responsible for the layout, color scheme, and general design of a website. Designing a website is not just about making said website aesthetically pleasing, though. Skilled website designers must also make a website easy to navigate, so visitors can find exactly what they need as soon as possible. Website designers must also know how to help a website rank in a search engine and where to place advertisements so they are effective.

Career in Web design

Web designing industry is likely to grow at more speed in near future. Today every small or big industry requires a media to catch the attention of the proposed consumers. Similarly, educational institutes want to impart knowledge to their students through a medium which can make them accessible with variety of knowledge with just a mouse click. This requirement has been fulfilled by the internet which offers various sites. There is no field left where internet has not made its entry. Web designing industry has earned a good name in past few decades. There are more jobs available for web designers than before. There are lots of companies who have earned a good name in providing web designing services to people. They employ professional who have good knowledge and experience.

Web Design Career Objectives

Web designers conceptualize, create, develop, design and produce web promotions using graphics design software for businesses and organizations. These professionals ensure creative elements are in line with brand requirements and interprets creative "look" of each promotion and builds, develops layouts of those materials assigned. Web Designers establish the purpose of the website based upon its target audience. They identify the type of content the site will host and determine any functionality that the site must support, for example, whether it will handle financial transactions or enquiries.


2 Year; 4 Semesters


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