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Scope & Benefits of CPAEA

1. Business can be conducted 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Products can be supplied to anyone, anywhere in the world; where there is an economic and reliable distribution channel. Suppliers can respond quickly to customer requirements.

2. Suppliers can build a one-to-one relationship with customers. Through search tools and customer profiles, information can be tailored to customer requirements on demand. Direct communication results in improved pre and post-sales support.

3. Customers can access up-to-date information - expensive printed catalogues and service guides can be replaced by a single electronic product database (which must be kept up to date at all times).

4. E-mail distribution is cheaper than direct mail, and providing the information on a website is cheaper still if users can be encouraged to access it for themselves.

5. The overheads of maintaining a physical retail outlet are reduced. Routine business operations can be automated, saving time and money - the supply chain is shortened so delivery times and costs are reduced.

6. Staff costs can be reduced - standard enquiries and sales can be handled automatically via software, leaving staff with time to handle the difficult or higher added-value transactions.

7. Entirely new services can be developed - for example, software and music can be delivered instantaneously and cheaply via the Internet.

Examples of E-commerce

Selling gift items through online store

Online reservation of an air ticket or hotel room

Calling a toll free number and orders a computer using the seller's interactive telephone system

Online electronic auction or fund management

Order placing on distributor’s e-commerce site

To let service or property deals on internet

Online banking or filing income tax return

Online advertisement & digital marketing

Training Program Outline

Computer Applications in Office

Computer Based Accounting

E-Commerce and E-Business

Career Planning & Goal Setting


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