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As the fields of computer technology and business continue to grow at amazing rates, many companies have found that the best way to create a successful business is by combining these two fields. Successful businesses with enhanced reach and faster response times are being set up everyday using the latest computer technology and the internet.

Today, more and more corporate are looking out for employees who are trained in the fields of computer applications and E-Commerce. Thousands of businesses have profited by using E-Business applications. Trained professionals, who keep up to date with the latest skills, will find many job opportunities available.

E-Commerce and E-Business bring together the information technology with the knowledge and interest of doing business. This training program introduces the students with E-Commerce and E-Business, will teach them how business strategies work together with computer applications. Currently, E-Commerce learners with specialization in accounting are in demand on the market. This course cover aspects of accounting, office applications, e-commerce applications, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and the use of micro-computing in business. Upon completion, graduates of this course can opt for jobs like accounts assistant, E-Commerce business developers or manager.

Program Duration

The total duration of this program is 25 Weeks or approximately 6 months. The training program starts with one week induction program and concludes with a written future plan of participants to use the technology they have learnt for their career, profession or business.

Number of seats

20 per batch

Who joins this training program?

This program is broadly preferred by commerce students who want to develop their practical skill according to demand in industry and corporate. The students who want to make use of their skill either for employment purposes or implement their skill to expand their own family business. Following are the people who join this program:

1. Students from commerce field who aim to enhance their practical skills

2. Students from commerce field who seek job oriented skill to prepare themselves for employment in very short period

3. M.Com, B.Com, BBA, MBA candidates who want to enhance their IT skills for better employment and get a skill certification.

4. +1, +2 Commerce students who give importance to practical skills and want to prepare for job.

5. Students from any stream who wants practical skills for implementing in their family business.

6. House wives who are interested in training and want to support their family business.

Entry level Employment Opportunity

Companies hire a certified professional accounts and e-commerce assistant (CPAEA) to handle a range of routine financial activities, such as payroll, billing, banking and purchases offline as well as online. Small manufacturers, retail stores, distributors, large law offices, small accounting firms, online business firms, hospitals and educational institutions are examples of such employers. You are expected to be accurate and efficient with a range of basic financial and online tasks that are critical to a company to keep accurate information for finance and business.

The beginners are generally need to get on-the-job experience in the use of accounting software, office applications and e-commerce usage. The increasing software means that employers will continue to recruit people who are proficient in accounting and  e-commerce software. Due to new technologies such as e-commerce applications businesses will give preference to hiring people who knows well the latest computer based applications.

Scope & Benefits of CPAEA

1. Business can be conducted 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Products can be supplied to anyone, anywhere in the world; where there is an economic and reliable distribution channel. Suppliers can respond quickly to customer requirements.

2. Suppliers can build a one-to-one relationship with customers. Through search tools and customer profiles, information can be tailored to customer requirements on demand. Direct communication results in improved pre and post-sales support.

3. Customers can access up-to-date information - expensive printed catalogues and service guides can be replaced by a single electronic product database (which must be kept up to date at all times).

4. E-mail distribution is cheaper than direct mail, and providing the information on a website is cheaper still if users can be encouraged to access it for themselves.

5. The overheads of maintaining a physical retail outlet are reduced. Routine business operations can be automated, saving time and money - the supply chain is shortened so delivery times and costs are reduced.

6. Staff costs can be reduced - standard enquiries and sales can be handled automatically via software, leaving staff with time to handle the difficult or higher added-value transactions.

7. Entirely new services can be developed - for example, software and music can be delivered instantaneously and cheaply via the Internet.

Examples of E-commerce

Selling gift items through online store

Online reservation of an air ticket or hotel room

Calling a toll free number and orders a computer using the seller's interactive telephone system

Online electronic auction or fund management

Order placing on distributor’s e-commerce site

To let service or property deals on internet

Online banking or filing income tax return

Online advertisement & digital marketing

Training Program Outline

Computer Applications in Office

Computer Based Accounting

E-Commerce and E-Business

Career Planning & Goal Setting

Admission Procedure

The candidates are provided admissions based on counseling, personal interview and their aptitude, interest or specific career goal they have. The candidate can contact Program Counselor or Program Manager for arranging an interview or counseling session.

Program Counselor: Ms. Monika Kundra;

Contact Number: +91-9878100815

Program In charge: Ms. Ankita Jain

Contact Number: +91-8727800815

Internship Opportunity

The candidates who demonstrate performance during this training program are given opportunity for Internship after completing the program. You can avail this opportunity to get deep rooted and grounded in this field. The assisting during Internship program enhances your confidence in implementing this skill in real world.

Examination & Certification

The candidates are provided certification and life membership upon the successful completion of the training program. Since 1993, CCIT is involved in the field of design of latest IT training programs, examinations and certifications. Our system is approved under the globally recognized system ISO 9001:2008. These certifications are accepted by government, public sector and multinational companies (MNC's) as proof of IT training where ever it is  required or demanded.

Why training at CCIT’s affiliated institute?

CCIT is Established in 1993

Dedicated Faculty

Individualized Attention

Conducive Environment

World Class Training Materials

Well configured labs, fully air conditioned

Modern Infrastructure

Ensuring Quality of training

Well-researched training content

Effective training delivery method

Further Training Scope

Those candidates who wish to explore more and dive deep into this field can join Certification Program for e-Commerce Development. Apart from this training, we have wide number of training programs in IT field like Web or Software Development, ERP, CRM etc. to fulfill different aims and objectives for successful career.

Reserve your seat today to get career opportunities in this field and get trained for your bright career.


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