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Adobe Photoshop, Advance Level-Course Contents

Session 1


Understanding color

Color models, spaces, and modes

Adjusting color hue, saturation, and brightness

RGB Color mode

CMYK Color mode

Lab Color mode

Grayscale mode

Bitmap mode

Duotone mode

Indexed Color mode

Session 2


Color panel overview

Select a color in the Color panel

Select a color in the Swatches panel

About foreground and background colors

Choose colors in the toolbox

Choose colors with the Eyedropper tool

Adobe Color Picker overview

Choose a color with the Adobe Color Picker

Choose a color while painting

Choose web‑safe colors

Customize indexed color tables

Change the Color Picker

Add and delete color swatches

Manage swatch libraries

Share swatches between applications

Session 3


Convert an image to another color mode

Convert an image to Bitmap mode

Convert a color photo to Grayscale mode

Convert a Bitmap mode image to Grayscale mode

Convert a grayscale or RGB image to indexed color

Mix color channels

Session 4


Work with the Info panel

Display file information in the document window

View images in multiple windows

Match zoom and location in multiple images

Change the screen mode

View another area of an image

Use the Rotate View tool

Disable trackpad gestures (Mac OS)

Use the Navigator panel

Zoom in or out

Session 5


Blending mode descriptions

Blending mode examples

Base Color

Blend Color

Result Color

Session 6


Video | Linked smart objects in Photoshop 14.2

Understanding Smart Objects

Create embedded Smart Objects | CC, Cs6

Create linked smart objects | Photoshop CC

Filter the Layers panel by smart objects | Photoshop CC

Duplicate an embedded smart object

Edit the contents of a Smart Object

Session 7


About layer and vector masks

Add layer masks

Unlinking layers and masks

Disable or enable a layer mask

Apply or delete a layer mask

Select and display the layer mask channel

Change the layer mask rubylith color or opacity

Masking layers with vector masks

Editing layer masks

Change the stack order of layers and groups

Move the content of layers

Rotate a layer

Lock layers

Revealing layers with clipping masks

Rename a layer or layer group

Assign a color to a layer or group

Rasterize layers

Delete a layer or group

Export layers

Merging layers

Session 8


About channels

Channels panel overview

Show or hide a channel

Show color channels in color

Select and edit channels

Rearrange and rename alpha and spot channels

Delete a channel

Channel calculations

Blending layers and channels

Blend channels with the Apply Image command

Blend channels with the Calculations command

Add and Subtract blending modes

Duplicate, split, and merge channels

Session 9


Move, hide, or invert a selection

Adjust selections manually

Expand or contract a selection by a specific number of pixels

Create a selection around a selection border

Expand a selection to include areas with similar color

Clean up stray pixels in a color-based selection

Refine selection edges

Move a selection

Copy selections

Copy between applications

Delete selected pixels

Selecting a color range in an image

Extract an object from its background

Session 10


Crop or remove part of an image

Crop tool updates | Creative Cloud only

Straighten an image

Transform perspective while cropping

Resize the canvas using the Crop tool

Crop images

Transform perspective while cropping | Cs5

Crop and straighten scanned photos

Straighten an image

Rotate or flip an entire image

Change the canvas size

Make a frame

Vanishing Point

Session 11


Formatting paragraphs

Formatting Characters

About fonts

Previewing fonts

Video | Finding the right font in Photoshop

Choose a font family and style

Change the font on multiple layers

About missing fonts and glyph protection

OpenType fonts

Set leading

Kern and track

Shift the baseline

Turn fractional character widths off or on


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