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Adobe Photoshop, Expert Level-Course Contents

Session 1


Web graphic formats

JPEG optimization options

GIF and PNG‑8 optimization options

Optimize transparency in GIF and PNG images

View the color table for an optimized slice

Copy CSS from layers

Creating rollover images

Export to Zoomify

Working with hexadecimal color values

Session 2


Slice types

Slice a web page

Convert auto and layer-based slices to user slices

View slices and slice options

Display the Slice Options dialog box

Specify a slice content type

Rename a slice

Choose a background color for a slice

Assign URL link information to an Image slice

Specify browser messages and Alt text

Add HTML text to a slice

Select one or more slices

Move, resize, and snap user slices

Divide user slices and auto slices

Duplicate slices

Copy and paste a slice

Combine slices

Change the stacking order of slices

Session 3


Convert an image to another color mode

Convert an image to Bitmap mode

Convert a color photo to Grayscale mode

Convert a Bitmap mode image to Grayscale mode

Convert a grayscale or RGB image to indexed color

Mix color channels

Session 4


About actions

Actions panel overview

For more information about actions

Guidelines for recording actions

Record an action

Record a path

Insert a stop

Change settings when playing an action

Exclude commands from an action

Insert a non-recordable menu command

Add a conditional mode change to an action

Adding conditional actions

Session 5


Printing Basics

About spot colors

Create a new spot channel

Convert an alpha channel to a spot channel

Edit a spot channel to add or remove color

Change a spot channel’s color or solidity

Merge spot channels

Adjust overlapping spot colors

Printing with color management

Preparing images for press

Set output options

Print separations from Photoshop

Prepare an image with spot channels for printing from another application

Create a color trap

Determine scan resolution for printing

Session 6


Filter Basics

About layer effects and styles

Apply preset styles

Layer Style dialog box overview

Apply or edit a custom layer style

Layer style options

Modify layer effects with contours

Set a global lighting angle for all layers

Add Lighting effects

Photographic blur gallery

Adaptive wide angle filter

Oil Paint filter

Load images and textures for filters

Set texture and glass surface controls

Defining undistorted areas

Apply the Dust And Scratches filter

Apply the Displace filter

Apply the Color Halftone filter

Apply the Extrude filter

Session 7


Video & Animation overview

Importing video and animation files and image sequences

Saving & exporting video & animation

Editing video and animation layers

Painting frames in video layers

Creating timeline animations

Creating images for videos

Creating frame animations

Session 8


About drawing

Painting tools

Creating and modifying brushes

Editing paths

Erasing parts of an image

Creating patterns

Filling and stroking selections, layers and paths

Managing paths

Painting with the mix brush

Creating textured brushes

Brush presets

Session 9

3D painting

3D painting  basics

3D panel enhancements

Understanding and displaying 3D files

3D object and camera tools

3D Axis

Essential 3D concepts and tools

Creating 3D objects and animations

Change 3D render settings

Render a 3D file for final output

Saving and exporting 3D files

3D panel overview

3D Scene settings

3D Mesh settings

3D Materials settings

3D Lights settings

Session 10


About color profiles

About monitor calibration and characterization

Calibrate and profile your monitor

Install a color profile

Embed a color profile

Color-managing imported images

Color-managing documents for online viewing

Color-managing PDFs for online viewing

Color-managing HTML documents for online viewing


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